A Unique Psychological or Neuropsychological Approach that Helps You Identify and Solve Your Problems and Build Upon Your Strengths

Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment (C/TA) forms the foundation for most of my work with clients.

My use of Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment involves either a targeted or comprehensive psychological or neuropsychological assessment (see below for descriptions of targeted and comprehensive assessments).

Through the C/TA approach, I encourage you to actively participate in creating the changes you seek. By fully involving you in all aspects of your care – from clarifying your diagnosis to planning the best treatment – I help you find new ways to solve your problems and move forward.

C/TA Is Unique in Several Ways:

  • You are involved at every level of the process and valued for your knowledge and opinions.
  • I help you develop the questions you wish to have answered.
  • I seek to answer questions with you about your problems.
  • I deliver results in simple language that you can understand and use.
  • I look at your strengths, which are likely to hold a part of the solution to your problems.
  • The assessment process can serve as a brief form of psychotherapy.
  • In ongoing psychotherapy, assessment findings help us to target your treatment.
  • You learn new ways to advocate for yourself to get your needs met.

Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment includes aspects of the collaborative assessment model of Constance T. Fischer, Ph.D., and the semi-structured Therapeutic Assessment approach of Stephen E. Finn, Ph.D. (Finn, 2007; Fischer, 1994). C/TA specifically aims to help you create positive change. I work directly with you to develop questions you want to answer. Learn more.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Notice of Privacy Practices: By law, I, Diane Engelman, am required to insure that your protected health information is kept private. Click on the link above to read or print the full document.