Finding Safety: Rewrite Your Story through Guided Imagery

As a child, she was not safe. Lack of safety was the source of the child’s insomnia, sickness, and sadness, but their exact cause was uncovered only later in life. Imagistic healing fantasies, as she affectionately called the collie stories she invented, are known today as “guided imagery.” Read more

What are the Costs and Benefits of Disowned Anger?

Disowned anger

In my family, angry feelings were expressed freely. But I wasn’t introduced to the positive side of anger in which conflicts are resolved in healthy ways. So I made the decision to disown my anger. I was too young to examine the costs and benefits of disowned anger Read more

How do we Feel Good Despite Additional Stress During the Holidays?

holiday stress

Additional stress during the holidays can certainly challenge our ability to feel good. It also challenges our intent to actively try and remain positive. How did my mother do it? Read more

Uncovering My Dyslexia: A Growing Story

dyslexia, neurodiversity

Growing my stories has been a process, not an event. School was challenging for me from the beginning. I worked hard and did well, but it wasn’t always easy. I thought many times, “I shouldn’t have to work this hard.” Read more