Teaching at Therapeutic Assessment Immersion Course

At an Essential Concepts and Skills Training workshop co-sponsored by the Therapeutic Assessment Institute and the Society for Personality Assessment, I will be co-leading role play breakout groups in which participants will practice the essential skills of therapeutic assessment. I will also be teaching about writing therapeutic stories for adults. The workshop will take place in Austin, Texas from June 4 through June 8, 2012.

Presentation on Therapeutic Neuropsychological Assessment

On March 30, 2012, I presented to the members of the Center for Collaborative Psychiatry, Psychology, and Medicine on therapeutic neuropsychological assessment. My topic was “Getting In Clients’ Shoes via Psychological Tests: A Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment Case Discussion.”

Chaired Two Panels at Chicago SPA Meeting

At the Society for Personality Assessment Annual Meeting in Chicago from Mar 14-18, 2012, I chaired two panels. Stephen E. Finn and I co-chaired a panel titled “Getting in Clients’ Shoes via Psychological Tests: A Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment Case Discussion.” We were pleased that this panel was very well-attended and the audience participated in a lively discussion about the case we presented. I also chaired a symposium panel on “Using and Teaching the Written Word … Read more